New 'HOME' Range 100ml Reed Diffusers

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Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser

A refreshing blend of Cotton Flower and Mimosa - Spring clean!

HKD 400.00

Nordic Pine Reed Diffuser

Aromatic and woody, a bracing walk through the pine forest on a bright frosty day

HKD 400.00

Clementino & Prosecco Reed Diffuser

Fruity and sparkling let’s celebrate with some bubbles!

HKD 400.00

White Dahlia Reed Diffuser

Rich and sensual, a fragrant drift of white florals and Sandalwood, symbolising unity and love!

HKD 400.00

Sweetpea & Rose Reed Diffuser

Heavenly fragrant, breathe deep the sweet, heady scent of Summer in bloom

HKD 400.00

Bergamot & Lime Reed Diffuser

Fresh and green, lively and bright, lush as a Mediterranean citrus grove

HKD 400.00

Earl Grey Reed Diffuser

Delicate and citrusy, clock strikes three, time for tea

HKD 400.00

Vetiver & Musk Reed Diffuser

Deep and woody with a twist of sweetness - for peace of mind and wonderful sense of wellbeing

HKD 400.00

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