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Clementine & Prosecco Diffuser Refill

Fruity and sparkling let’s celebrate with some bubbles!

HKD 370.00

Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser

A refreshing blend of Cotton Flower and Mimosa - Spring clean!

HKD 400.00

Earl Grey Reed Diffuser 200ml

Delicate and citrusy, clock strikes four time for tea.

HKD 550.00

Lily Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser 200ml

Elegant and Sophisticated

HKD 550.00

Neroli & Rose Reed Diffuser 200ml

Sweet Orange Blossom and calming Rose intoxicate the senses

HKD 550.00

Greentea & Grapefruit Diffuser Refill 200ml

Uplifting and Refreshing - Set of reeds with every refill.

HKD 400.00

Lily Ylang Ylang Diffuser Refill 200ml

Rich and Radiant - Set of reeds with every refill.

HKD 400.00

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