Lily Ylang Ylang Candle in a Glass 230g

Lily ylang ylang: Rich and Radiant

HKD 480.00

Lily ylang ylang: Rich and Radiant

Soft and floral, the fragrant bouquet of delicate Lily, radiant Ylang Ylang, sumptuous rich Sandalwood, Amber and warm Vanilla is irresistible. Heyland & Whittle have accomplished, with creativity and style, a unique blend of fragrances to intoxicate the senses, exotic, sweet, and fabulous

Made from 100% pure soy sustainable wax to burn cleanly, slowly and evenly with a natural fragrance.

Our new improved candles are made from natural Soy sustainable wax which burn very evenly down the glass tumbler.
Approximate burn time 40 hrs.
230g candle.